About Me

Vegan Butcher, Gluten Free Baker and Phish Clothing Maker

Hi!  I'm mufyn!  I've been creating and selling handmade goods my entire life and I could never see that there was any other path for me.

My friend introduced me to Phish in the early 90's and I got to see my first Phish show in 1996. I was totally unprepared for what it would offer me but it was exactly what I was looking for. It was around this time that I also went vegan and I am just realizing now writing this how long this has all been intertwined. Bringing vegan food to you all at shows brings me so much happiness and seeing you all rocking my Fishman donut merch is just the best thing in the world to me so if I come up to you at a show while you are sporting some phresh YEMV merch and Fan Girl all over you, you know why.  You are my inspiration!

Thank you all for being awesome and helping me to live my best life ever!

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